Auto-Reset firmwares added

After adding the column to the download table two days ago, I can now provide the first auto-reset firmwares. These firmwares do not permanently store DVD region settings but provide you with 5 possible region changes each time you insert a new disc. Thanks go out to V1rtual for testing the patches.

I also removed the AD-719x and AD-722x drives from the menu and instead added a list of drives that are not supported by us because they are either OEM drives or because there’s still no information or firmware available like for the AD-7703S or AD-7930H.

9 thoughts on “Auto-Reset firmwares added”

  1. I have a AD-7930H in my Lenovo laptop – brand new.

    Let me know if there is something I can do to help – dump the ROM etc etc


  2. You could try to create an identification file for this drive with Binflash. If binflash does not recognize the drive, then chances are high it’s not based on a NEC chipset design.

    What firmware version does your AD-7930H have?

  3. Hi there,

    Mr AD-7930H here. I tried to run Binflash 1.50 – GUI and CMD version, and both either said not supported, or when I tried to run -identify – the program hung.

    let me know what else I can try – keen to help.


  4. If Binflash hangs during the identification procedure, there’s probably not much I can do until there is an official firmware download somewhere.

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