Support for AD-5670S, AD-5960S and AD-7670S added

This time we have an update for everyone who has an AD-5670S, AD-5960S or AD-7670S drive. A couple of firmwares have been uploaded for these drives – unfortunately I could only implement bitsetting on the AD-7670S firmware because basic bitsetting routines were missing on the other firmwares. The AD-5670S and AD-5960S mainly seem to be used as “Apple Superdrive”.

In order to flash these firmwares, a new Binflash release v1.48 has been released too. It adds support for the drives and also eliminates an annoying bug in the GUI versions that caused long wait times after flashing or dumping a firmware.

5 thoughts on “Support for AD-5670S, AD-5960S and AD-7670S added”

  1. I have tried the RPC1 firmware of AD-5960S on a macbook pro using binflash 1.48m but got the following error message :
    The firmware file expects a different bootcode on your drive. You are not allowed to continue.
    Firmware is for a different drive
    Found 0x3033 – expected 0x3032

    What should I do ?

  2. Adddendum : current scan info is :
    Device : A:
    Vendor : OPTIARC
    Model : DVD RW AD-5960S
    Firmware : 2AP5

  3. Hello !

    I have the japanese model of the Optiarc AD-7560S !

    My model is from BUFFALO –>
    Optiarc AD-7560S (External USB 2.0) with the BS01 firmware…

    – It is possible to flash my burner ? If yes, how to process ?
    – It is possible to have a patched FIRMWARE with bitsetting and RPC1 options ?

    In advance, thank you very much…


  4. Hi, the AD-7240S firmwares were updated to 1.03, just an fyi, hopefully we can get the bitsetting/rpc firmwares soon for that drive. TIA.

  5. @gabriel2k3
    Unfortunately the Optiarc AD-7560S is a rebadged QSI drive. Nobody’s currently working on patches for these drives.

    I soon have a few holidays and I’m quite sure that I’ll find the time to patch some firmwares then.

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