New firmwares released

I have been busy during the last days modifying Binflash and patching some new firmwares. Binflash was released last night. The update mainly allowed the flashing of LiteOn OEM drives based on the Optiarc AD-7240S/AD-7241S series and now I can finally announce the release of several patched firmwares – including those for the LiteOn drives. The following firmwares have been added:

For the AD-7590A firmware 1.41 no bitsetting patch was possible, so only Riplock, RPC1 and Auto-Reset patches are available. All other firmwares have bitsetting, RPC1, auto-reset and – if required – riplock patches.

I wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year 2010.

13 thoughts on “New firmwares released”

  1. Hi Liggy
    First of all I want to thank you and your friends for all the work you have done over the years providing us with your excellent firmware patches.

    I have today tried updating the firmware on my new AD-7240S drive to the bit-setting RPC1 version of 1.03, but unfortunately it doesn’t set the drive to RPC1.
    The non bit-setting version of 1.03 RPC1 does work ok. Is this a bug?? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

    Happy New Year.

    barryk (UK)

  2. Hi barry,
    this was indeed a bug. The _orig firmware contained the RPC1 patch, while the RPC1 firmware did not. Corrected firmwares have been uploaded.

    Happy new year too

  3. I couldn’t find out where to contact you..hopfully this finds you.

    I have recently put in an old DVD burner as my new one wouldnt even burn Verbatim disks..the old one will. However I am trying to get it to “attempt” to burn Memorex as right now it won’t even try. Any way to add media to the firmware? It is a NEC 7510A

    The disks ID are: MBIPG101-R10-65

  4. Hi!
    Now the minimum record speed on my Optiarc AD-7201S is – 8x. Can you make modified firmware for Optiarc AD-7201S but with 4x speed record on CD-R? I want record audio CD-R with minimal speed for the reliability of data.

  5. Hi i recently bought an imac 27″. it has a OPTIARC DVD RW AD-5680H, ny unlock firmware for that?

  6. Hi!
    I have Optiarc AD-7703S… I don’t know why I bought this drive instead of Optiarc AD-7700S (may be just because of higher price) but it appears there is no way currently to patch AD-7703S to enable “auto-reset region”. I definitely have no need in Labelflash. So is it possible to use firmware of Optiarc AD-7700S for AD-7703S? Or may be you have some plans on AD-7703S?

    Thanks =)

  7. “Not yet. Are you able to create an identification file for this drive with the latest Binflash release?”

    no it wont regognize it…..=(

  8. Hi Liggy – As always, thank you. Just a couple things:

    1. For the AD-7590A, I think you modified an old one (1.41 is from 2007)…latest official from Optiarc is 1.05. That one you have already modifed for BT, RL, and RPC1. Could you make an AUTO firmware for the AD-7590A 1.05?

    2. Could you also make an AUTO firmware for the latest official Optiarc AD-7590S 1.02?

    3. Looking at the writing strategies summary, it looks like the (AD-7590A 1.D6) and (AD-7590S 1.FM or 1.J0) are the latest. Are they safe to cross-flash?

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