A few more firmwares added

I just found the time to patch some more firmwares. Everything was patched with bitsetting, rpc1 and auto-reset – slimline drive firmwares also have a riplock removed version. And these are the new firmwares:

For the AD-7700H you will need Binflash version 1.52 that should be released soon.

9 thoughts on “A few more firmwares added”

  1. is it possible and/or is there any benefit to crossflashing the 7240s to the 7260s? cdfreaks is a maze and i couldnt find any postings on that.

  2. There is no public tool available for this kind of crossflash. It seems to work (tested once before) but we couldn’t find a real benefit from doing so.

  3. Tried the Firmwares for the 7260s. The bitsetting was helpful, but like the oem 100 and 101 firmwares, the drive door is LOUD. It clanks open and closed with a severe THUD. The 1.02 opti firmware definately reduces this a large large amount…can you tweak the 102 for RPC and bitsetting so that it pipes back down again? I like the 102 but I need the bitsetting.

  4. Since I don’t have 1.V0 I cannot tell which one is newer.
    These are firmwares for different OEMs and there is no relationship between version number and firmware date.

  5. Hi Liggy,
    It seems my Optiarc AD-5260S boot code has been modified since you released your patched version. As a result I can’t apply your firmware & am stuck with the RPC2 on my drive.
    The error message I’m getting is this:
    “The firmware file expects a different boot code on your drive. You are not allowed to continue. Found 0x3132 – expected 0x3032.”
    Any chance you could kindly look into it ? Would appreciate it very much.
    In case you require it, my current un-patchable original firmware can be downloaded here:
    Many thanks.

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