New Binflash and firmwares

I just released Binflash version 1.53 which adds support for the HP DVD-Writer 1270r.

Also a couple of firmwares have been added to our NEC and Optiarc firmware page:

Merry christmas everyone

6 thoughts on “New Binflash and firmwares”

  1. Hello. I noticed that the Optiarc AD-7260S 1.03 firmware is exactly twice the size of the 1.00, 1.01 and 1.02 firmware. And it is exactly twice the size of the AD-7261S 1.03 and AD-7263S 1.03 firmware. Looking more closely, the AD-7260S 1.03 firmware seems to be two concatenated firmware files. Regards.

  2. This is correct. Also the original Optiarc AD-7260S firmware is twice the size of the other files. Reason is that this file contains firmwares for two different bootcodes, while there’s only firmware for one bootcode in the other packages.

  3. Does the patched auto-reset firmware for 7260S 1.03 write to flash when region changes or does it only happen in ram?
    Regards and keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. In all auto-reset firmwares I disable the code that writes new settings to flash and replace the routine that reads data from flash with one that retrieves the default values of a new drive (i.e. no region set, all region changes still possible)

  5. Hello. Ist there any Firmware for the bc-5500a available. I have an OEM device with 1.B4 Firmware and am not able to flash it with the original FW. The reason I need this update is, that the drive perfectly plays 1.1 but not 2.0 Blu-Rays. Hope you can help me.

  6. Sorry. At present there is no way to crossflash between different OEM versions of Bluray drive firmwares. So at the moment you’re probably stuck with 1.B4 if the manufacturer (not Optiarc) cannot provide you with an updated firmware.

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