Binflash version 1.58 released

Binflash has been updated to version 1.58. This update mainly includes support for AD-5960H and AD-7960H drives and finally offers proper support for flashing AD-7280S drives that was broken in 1.57
Users on the command line will now also see drives that may potentially work but are not properly implemented yet.

Thanks a lot to NewFish for his help to get the flash support for AD-7280S drives implemented. 😀

The AD-7280S bitsetting patch probably still contain bugs and will perhaps not properly booktype discs.
[UPDATE]The bitsetting patch was confirmed to be working[/UPDATE]

If you downloaded the AD-7280S firmwares before November 25th, please re-download the package if you want to flash a bitsetting firmware as the old patch would result in freezes.

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