New Binflash version and another bunch of firmwares

Binflash has been updated to version 1.63 to include support for the LiteOn iHAS124 W drive. Before Optiarc decided to go out of business, this drive probably should have been named Optiarc AD-7320S. Flashing this drive has not been tested yet, so there is a slight chance that this will not work properly. This drive does not use the NEC/Optiarc bitsetting commands, so bitsetting is not supported by Binflash and no bitsetting patches are available. Chances are however (yet unverified) that the drive will support LiteOn bitsetting commands, so e.g. Nero DiscSpeed might work instead. Also the RPC1 patch could potentially be broken, in this case please use auto-reset firmware instead.

Also the following firmwares have been added:

All the firmwares include RPC1 and Auto-Reset patches, several firmwares also have bitsetting patches. Please check the firmware details page on the drive overview

5 thoughts on “New Binflash version and another bunch of firmwares”

  1. Is there anyway you can get the Optiarc AD-7740H 1.80 firmware? I’ve been looking for it everywhere.

  2. Optiarc AD-7800H RPC1? Can’t even find the FW to download as virgin.. I guess I can dump from my drive but can it be patched?

  3. My Optiarc AD-5280S cannot read some of these copy-protected cd’s from around 2000. Very annoying. I tried see if a firmware update could fix this and ended up on this site. However when I try to flash the new firmware I get this error:

    “Identified drive: 158 – 3037
    Detected drive from Firmware: 182 – 3131”

    Can this be fixed?

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