New firmwares added

After not spending much time on patching for quite a while, here’s another bunch of firmwares that have been added. The following files were made available:

  • NEC ND-4550A firmware 1.84
  • Optiarc AD-5970H firmware 3APH and 3APHb
  • Optiarc AD-7201S firmware 1H0B
  • Optiarc AD-7203S firmware 1.B0
  • Optiarc AD-7230S firmware 1.83
  • Optiarc AD-7250S firmware 1.D3
  • Optiarc AD-7590A firmware 1.V1
  • Optiarc AD-7740H firmware A842
  • Optiarc AD-7760H firmware 1.50
  • LiteOn iHAS120X firmware FL01
  • LiteOn iHAS122W firmware PL02, PL06, PL07, PL08 PL09
  • LiteOn iHAS124W firmware HL04, HL05, HL08, HL0A and HL0F
  • LiteOn iHAS324W firmware HL12, HL16 and HL18

For all firmwares RPC1 and Auto-Reset firmwares are available, riplock patches were added for all slimline drive firmwares. Bitsetting patches are available for the ND-4550A, AD-7203S, AD-7250H, AD-7590A and AD-7740H firmwares.

The LiteOn firmwares require certain bootcodes to be present on the drive. Binflash will refuse flashing if the drive’s bootcode does not match the expected bootcode.

New Binflash version and another bunch of firmwares

Binflash has been updated to version 1.63 to include support for the LiteOn iHAS124 W drive. Before Optiarc decided to go out of business, this drive probably should have been named Optiarc AD-7320S. Flashing this drive has not been tested yet, so there is a slight chance that this will not work properly. This drive does not use the NEC/Optiarc bitsetting commands, so bitsetting is not supported by Binflash and no bitsetting patches are available. Chances are however (yet unverified) that the drive will support LiteOn bitsetting commands, so e.g. Nero DiscSpeed might work instead. Also the RPC1 patch could potentially be broken, in this case please use auto-reset firmware instead.

Also the following firmwares have been added:

All the firmwares include RPC1 and Auto-Reset patches, several firmwares also have bitsetting patches. Please check the firmware details page on the drive overview

Several firmwares added

Several firmwares have just been published on our site:

  • Optiarc AD-5260S Firmware 1.00b with Booktype, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-5260S Firmware 1.Z0 with Booktype, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-5260S Firmware 1.Z5 with Booktype, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-5680H Firmware 3AHF with Riplock, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-5970H Firmware 3APE with Riplock, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-7260S Firmware 1.61 with Booktype, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Sony DRU-880S Firmware 1.61 (almost identical to Optiarc AD-7260S FW 1.61)
  • Optiarc AD-7280S Firmware 1.00 with Booktype, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-7280S Firmware 1.01 with Booktype, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-7591S Firmware 1.84 with Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-7591S Firmware 1.84b with Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-7700H Firmware 1.V0 with Riplock, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-7701H Firmware 2.85 with Riplock, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch
  • Optiarc AD-7703S Firmware 1.T0 with Riplock, Auto-Reset and RPC1 patch

Unfortunately flashing the AD-7280S is likely to be impossible until there is an official firmware update available and Binflash can be adapted accordingly.

Next step will probably be re-packaging all firmwares in order to significantly reduce sizes – the current firmware archive needs about 1.4 GB disk space. Instead of having multiple archives for different patches of a single firmware, they will all be combined into one archive probably using 7-Zip instead of ZIP. I just need to figure out how to best do this more or less automatically 😉

New Binflash and firmwares

I just released Binflash version 1.53 which adds support for the HP DVD-Writer 1270r.

Also a couple of firmwares have been added to our NEC and Optiarc firmware page:

Merry christmas everyone

A few more firmwares added

I just found the time to patch some more firmwares. Everything was patched with bitsetting, rpc1 and auto-reset – slimline drive firmwares also have a riplock removed version. And these are the new firmwares:

For the AD-7700H you will need Binflash version 1.52 that should be released soon.

Several firmwares uploaded

I know I’ve been a little lazy again regarding firmware updates but first I didn’t have enough firmwares that would have been worth spending time on them and once I had the firmwares I didn’t have time for patching.

But a couple of minutes ago I added a bunch of firmwares to our Optiarc firmware page:

Firmwares can be flashed with Binflash and flashing the Optiarc AD-5680H should work with version 1.51 which is expected to be released very soon.

New firmwares released

I have been busy during the last days modifying Binflash and patching some new firmwares. Binflash was released last night. The update mainly allowed the flashing of LiteOn OEM drives based on the Optiarc AD-7240S/AD-7241S series and now I can finally announce the release of several patched firmwares – including those for the LiteOn drives. The following firmwares have been added:

For the AD-7590A firmware 1.41 no bitsetting patch was possible, so only Riplock, RPC1 and Auto-Reset patches are available. All other firmwares have bitsetting, RPC1, auto-reset and – if required – riplock patches.

I wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year 2010.