First patched NEC ND6650A firmware available

After being stuck at work for some time today, I just finished modifying the 6650 firmware version 1.23 and the corresponding page on this site. The firmware contains bitsetting on all plus discs and there is a riplock removed and rpc1 version available.

These firmwares are untested, so you may encounter problems when trying this firmware.

Download ND6650A 1.23 bitsetting, riplock removed and RPC1 firmwares here.

New patched 3530 Firmware

I just finished some modifications on a 3530 firmware from Dell that I found in this forum post. It’s the 103c firmware including Riplock and RPC1 patches. You can download this version on our 3530 page.
This firmware does not contain the usual Bitsetting patches. But I found out that I can still add bitsetting stuff to firmwares that do not have bitsetting code at all (like this firmware). It should only take a few minutes longer, but I was too lazy this time 😳

Finally patched 1.01e firmware

After spending most of my spare time on this site, I finally thought that it’s far enough to be shown to public. Did some work on making everything compatible with javascript disabled browsers and improved the disclaimer and download functionality.

Reaching this point, I spent an hour or two with adding full bitsetting capabilities to the 3540 firmware that I received two weeks ago. Did two test burns and everything seems to work as expected. Download this firmware from our NEC 3540 page.