Changes in firmware downloads

In order to save server space, all firmware files have been re-compressed. In the past every single patched firmware was provided as a single ZIP file. Now all patches of the same firmware version are included in one single 7-Zip archive.

Due to the better compression of 7-Zip compared to ZIP and the usage of solid compression, it was possible to reduce the required storage from 1.4 Gigabytes to 250 Megabytes.

For you this means that with one download you will get all different patches of a single firmware version. However this also means that you may have to download 7-Zip decompression software if you do not already have a compatible tool on your PC.

While all previous downloads should be available again, certain files could be missing due to problems in the automatic conversion. If you notice missing files, please let us know by adding a comment below this post.

Support for AD-5670S, AD-5960S and AD-7670S added

This time we have an update for everyone who has an AD-5670S, AD-5960S or AD-7670S drive. A couple of firmwares have been uploaded for these drives – unfortunately I could only implement bitsetting on the AD-7670S firmware because basic bitsetting routines were missing on the other firmwares. The AD-5670S and AD-5960S mainly seem to be used as “Apple Superdrive”.

In order to flash these firmwares, a new Binflash release v1.48 has been released too. It adds support for the drives and also eliminates an annoying bug in the GUI versions that caused long wait times after flashing or dumping a firmware.

Auto-Reset firmwares added

After adding the column to the download table two days ago, I can now provide the first auto-reset firmwares. These firmwares do not permanently store DVD region settings but provide you with 5 possible region changes each time you insert a new disc. Thanks go out to V1rtual for testing the patches.

I also removed the AD-719x and AD-722x drives from the menu and instead added a list of drives that are not supported by us because they are either OEM drives or because there’s still no information or firmware available like for the AD-7703S or AD-7930H.

Added a new column to download table

I’m currently testing Auto-Reset firmwares, that only keep the region counter until the next drive reset, so I decided to add a column “Auto” for this kind of firmwares to the download table. I probably won’t add this kind of patch for every firmware – in particular not for most of the already available firmwares – but may add a few auto-reset firmwares every now and then. As of now there’s no auto-reset firmware available yet – no need to search for them. 😉

[Update]According to the first report it looks like the region counter is already reset when you change discs[/Update]

Optiarc AD-7240S firmwares released [Update]

The Optiarc AD-7240S firmwares 1.00 and 1.01 have been made available for download. Included are the RPC1 and bitsetting patches.

Thanks to Jamescooley1 and budzos for their patience testing my bitsetting code until it worked.

[Update]Pulled the bitsetting firmwares since they still seems to be buggy[/Update]
[Update2]Released fixed versions of the bitsetting firmwares again[/Update2]

Some updates and changes for 2007

Please scroll down if you want to read this message in English language

Die ist die erste (und vermutlich auch einzige) Meldung in deutscher Sprache hier im Blog. Um Mitternacht wurde unsere Seite auf ein leicht abgeändertes Design umgestellt. Während sich äußerlich nicht viel geändert hat, gab es doch einige Änderungen “unter der Haube”. Die größte Änderung ist gleichzeitig auch der Grund, warum diese Meldung auch auf Deutsch erscheint. Ein großer Teil unserer Seiten läßt sich jetzt sowohl auf Deutsch, als auch auf Englisch lesen. Derzeit sind noch nicht alle Texte übersetzt und aufgrund von technischen Gründen und mangelnden deutschen Sprachkenntnissen von Dee 😉 werden einige Teile auch zukünftig in Englisch bleiben. Weiterhin wurde der HTML-Quelltext unserer Seiten für’s Drucken optimiert. Danke noch mal an Herbert für’s Korrekturlesen
Aber nicht nur unsere Seite wurde aktualisiert, auch Binflash ist in der neuen Version 1.37 erhältlich. Diese Version sollte eine bessere Kompatibilität mit Slimline Laufwerken bei einigen Laptops haben. Die nicht zutreffende Meldung “Probably mixing up master and slave firmware” gehört damit hoffentlich der Vergangenheit an.

Zu guter letzt gibt es auch noch ein paar Firmware-Updates. Verfügbar sind jeweils die originalen und die vom Regioncode befreiten RPC1 Firmwares sowie Dateien mit Riplock-Patch falls nötig. Folgende Firmwares wurden hinzugefügt:

  • NEC ND-2510A Firmware 2.FA
  • NEC ND-3540A Firmware 1.21
  • NEC ND-3550A Firmware 1.F3
  • NEC ND-3650A Firmware 105C
  • NEC ND-4570A Firmware 1.MD
  • NEC ND-6650A Firmware 1.5A und K052
  • NEC ND-7550A Firmware 1.AE
  • Optiarc AD-5170A Firmware 1.11b
  • Optiarc AD-7170S Firmware 1.72 (Sony AW-G170S)

English version

At midnight this site was changed to slightly modified design. While on first sight not much has changed, there have been several internal changes. The result of this is also the reason for the German language version of this message. Most parts of this site are now available in German and English language. We also made some optimizations of the HTML sourcecode for printing. Thanks to Herbert for proof reading.
But not only our site has been updated, also Binflash version 1.37 was just released. This version should have an increased compatibility with slimline drives on some laptops. The false error message “Probably mixing up master and slave firmware” should hopefully not occur anymore.

Last but not least we there are also some updated firmwares. Available are the original and RPC1 firmwares as well as riplock patched versions when necessary. The following firmwares have been added:

  • NEC ND-2510A Firmware 2.FA
  • NEC ND-3540A Firmware 1.21
  • NEC ND-3550A Firmware 1.F3
  • NEC ND-3650A Firmware 105C
  • NEC ND-4570A Firmware 1.MD
  • NEC ND-6650A Firmware 1.5A and K052
  • NEC ND-7550A Firmware 1.AE
  • Optiarc AD-5170A Firmware 1.11b
  • Optiarc AD-7170S Firmware 1.72 (Sony AW-G170S)

Some new firmwares added

NEC just released new firmwares for the x57x series drives. We added the unmodified and RPC1 patched versions 1.12 for the 3570, 1.03 for the 4570 and 1-02 for the 4571. These firmwares should be quite identical except for DVD-RAM and Labelflash support.

Also sections for the new Optiarc drives have been added but don’t expect firmwares for these drives too soon.

Some updates

A few sections have been added to our page. This includes 3570/3571 drives which should be similar to 4570/4571 drives but lack the ability to write to DVD-RAM.

Also 3650/3651 and 4650/4651 sections – including a first firmware – have been added for NEC’s first S-ATA DVD burners.

For being able to flash your firmwares on these drives, Binflash has been updated to support all these drives. This support is still untested however.

Parts of the site not working

Due to a recent server relocation, parts of the site still aren’t working the way they should. While most parts of Dee’s and my pages should be working again, we are currently unable to maintain the files or add new firmwares.

Additionally the whole Binflash site is not working yet. We are aware of this and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible. Please give some time to get everything fixed again.