Progress with homepage

Just fixed some PHP code, but there’s still a bug with some links. Shouldn’t be too complicated to fix it. At least I was able to make the FAQ code XHTML compliant again after Dee messed with it 😛

But I think I should add bitsetting stuff to the latest 1.01 firmware before this site goes public. I want to flash my own drive with this firmware, but not without DVD+R bitsetting. But maybe MadDog’s 1.f0 firmware could be an alternative. Need to compare the strategies first.

New 3540 firmware

I just received a PM from someone with a new 3540 drive. Although the firmware revision on this drive is 1.01 again, it seems to be a few days newer than the latest firmware I have for this drive. Comparing the strategy versions, several parts have been updated again. I guess it’s about time to add complete bitsetting functionality again 😉

Wondering why NEC doesn’t change their version number for different drives. Are they going to switch to 3.01 with their first official firmware?