NEC ND-2500/2510 Modified Firmware V 205c Released

NEC ND-2500/2510 Modified Firmware V 205c Released
This is an experimental firmware. If there is a demand, we will add more media to the modified list and possibily Bitsetting for +R and +RW media.

LD2510 Modified Firmware V205c

RIPLOCK removed
RPC1 Patch
Bitsetting on DL media only

-R media
RITEK G04 > 8X
ProdiscS03 > 8X
MXL RG02 >8X

All RITEK R03 >8X
All DAXON AZ2 > 8X
Prodisc R02 > 8X
CMC MAG F01 > 8X
All RICOH JPNR 00 > 6X
MBI PG101R03 > 8X

You can download the firmware from our 2500/2510 page.

Supplied Normal and Reverse ATA firmware packages for 6500

Although the Reverse ATA package for the NEC ND6500 has been available on some websites before, I decided to provide it anyway, along with the Normal ATA package which was not available to public before and allows changing your Reverse ATA drive back to normal. Both files are provided on our NEC ND6500A firmware page.

These packages are necessary if you need to change your 6500 drive from master to slave or from slave to master.

[EDIT]Fixed broken link for master package[/EDIT]