New 3540 firmware just arrived

NEC just released firmware 1.03 for the NEC ND3540A. On our NEC ND3540 page you will find the original firmware binary together with riplock removed and RPC1 versions.

I’m still trying to figure out if there is enough space in this firmware for adding the full bitsetting code. More about this will be published later.

[EDIT]Bitsetting versions added. Thanks to Muertez for testing[/EDIT]

Improved download and several new (old) firmwares

I spent some time on improving the firmware information pages and the download part. This results in less work for me and some more firmwares for you.

Now the firmwares are not packaged with 2 or 3 different versions in one file. Many people only want a specific firmware anyway so they don’t need to download “fast” and “RPC1” firmwares if they only want the stock firmware.