1-X3 firmware for the ND-4551A released

Released 1-X3 firmware. for the ND-4551A
This firmware is based on Liggy’s 1-08bt
With full bitsetting
2 versions available
1-X3 orig contains media speedups
1-X3 rpc1 contains media speedups and RPC1 patch.

WARNING! This firmware will only work correctly on an original ND-4551A. It will NOT work on a crossflashed drive.

Grab it here

Several new Firmwares added

I just made a small update to our site and added some firmwares.

  • ND3520A: 3.07 Bitsetting Firmware
  • ND3540A: 1.04 Bitsetting Firmware
  • ND3551A: 2.01 Bitsetting Firmware
  • ND4550A: 1.29 Firmware
  • ND4551A: 1-21 and 1-22 Firmware
  • ND4570A: 1.02 Bitsetting Firmware
  • ND4571A: 1-01 Bitsetting Firmware
  • ND6500A: 203d and 403d Firmware
  • ND6750A: 2.01 Bitsetting Firmware, 2.P1 Firmware
  • ND7550A: 1.01 Bitsetting Firmware, 1.P1 and 1.32 Firmware
  • ND7551A: fixed small bug in 1-02 Bitsetting Firmware.

Please note that some of the modified firmwares will NOT work on crossflashed drives