Slimline drive Master/Slave converter for Windows

After spending some time on this tool, I can announce a new Windows based tool for converting NEC slimline drives between master and slave. Currently the following drives are supported:

Before using the NEC slimline drive converter, please make sure to read the Bootcode flasher instructions. In particular do never unplug your drive before the LED starts blinking. This may take a minute or even longer.

By using this tool, you will not be able to add DVD-RAM or Labelflash to your drive.

Beta tester with slimline drive needed

Some people are having problems with switching their slimline drives between master and slave configuration. I just finished a tool that might help in this situation. But before releasing it to public, I’d like to have it tested by a few people first.

This program might be a solution in particular for those who were unable to proceed with NEC’s official software for some reason. You should be able to connect your drive to a desktop PC with a slimline to IDE adapter or have the drive attached to an external case.

I can supply tools for NEC’s ND6500, ND6650, ND6750, ND7550 and ND7551 drives. Please apply here and let me know which drive you have, if you want to switch your drive to master or to slave and include your current firmware version.