A whole bunch of new firmwares

During the last few days I silently added the following firmwares – including RPC1 and (where applicable) Riplock patches:

But I also took the chance to add bitsetting patches to a whole bunch of firmwares. So if there was no bitsetting firmware for your drive before, chances are that there is one now. However I have to admit that I was drinking one or two glasses of wine when I made some of these patches – so be prepared to see some unexpected behaviour.
In case one of the firmwares doesn’t work, please let me know. But please note that NEC/Optiarc drives have severe problems changing the booktype of an already written DVD+RW and please consider that bitsetting is NOT possible on DVD-R or DVD-RW!

Bitsetting has been added to the following firmwares:

Merry christmas everyone!