More new firmwares and a Binflash update

Optiarc released some firmware update for their latest 20x drives a few days ago. I added Bitsetting and RPC1 patches again. I also received some firmwares for the AD-7540A and the new AD-7590A. In order to make the AD-7590A but also the AD-7201A and AD-7201S work, there’s a new Binflash version 1.44 available for download now. While both 7201 drives should work for sure, I’m not 100% sure if the AD-7590A is going to work properly with Binflash because there were some issues on first attempt. Any feedback is welcome, so feel free to comment.

PS: Does anyone have an idea, what I could do with a Pioneer DVR-115D flash memory dump (incl. kernel)