Support for AD-5670S, AD-5960S and AD-7670S added

This time we have an update for everyone who has an AD-5670S, AD-5960S or AD-7670S drive. A couple of firmwares have been uploaded for these drives – unfortunately I could only implement bitsetting on the AD-7670S firmware because basic bitsetting routines were missing on the other firmwares. The AD-5670S and AD-5960S mainly seem to be used as “Apple Superdrive”.

In order to flash these firmwares, a new Binflash release v1.48 has been released too. It adds support for the drives and also eliminates an annoying bug in the GUI versions that caused long wait times after flashing or dumping a firmware.

Auto-Reset firmwares added

After adding the column to the download table two days ago, I can now provide the first auto-reset firmwares. These firmwares do not permanently store DVD region settings but provide you with 5 possible region changes each time you insert a new disc. Thanks go out to V1rtual for testing the patches.

I also removed the AD-719x and AD-722x drives from the menu and instead added a list of drives that are not supported by us because they are either OEM drives or because there’s still no information or firmware available like for the AD-7703S or AD-7930H.

Added a new column to download table

I’m currently testing Auto-Reset firmwares, that only keep the region counter until the next drive reset, so I decided to add a column “Auto” for this kind of firmwares to the download table. I probably won’t add this kind of patch for every firmware – in particular not for most of the already available firmwares – but may add a few auto-reset firmwares every now and then. As of now there’s no auto-reset firmware available yet – no need to search for them. 😉

[Update]According to the first report it looks like the region counter is already reset when you change discs[/Update]