Binflash 1.56 released

I’ve just published Binflash version 1.56. Unlike most previous versions, this one does not only add support for additional drives (AD-5970H in this version) or fix bugs, it also contains new functionality:

On the command line you get two new options -queryrpc and -resetrpc. The first one is used to display your drive’s current region code settings and will probably also work on drives other than NEC or Optiarc. The second option allows you to reset your drive’s DVD region counter. You can either issue a vendor reset that decrements the vendor counter by one and giving you 5 user changes again or you can run a global reset that gives you 4 vendor and 5 user changes again. Please keep in mind that due to the restricted lifetime of the used flash chips it is highly recommended to use RPC1 or Auto-Reset firmwares instead. Using this function too often may damage your drive.

In the Windows GUI version you have an additional button that shows a menu with your drive’s current region code settings and buttons to reset the counter if possible.