Changes in firmware downloads

In order to save server space, all firmware files have been re-compressed. In the past every single patched firmware was provided as a single ZIP file. Now all patches of the same firmware version are included in one single 7-Zip archive.

Due to the better compression of 7-Zip compared to ZIP and the usage of solid compression, it was possible to reduce the required storage from 1.4 Gigabytes to 250 Megabytes.

For you this means that with one download you will get all different patches of a single firmware version. However this also means that you may have to download 7-Zip decompression software if you do not already have a compatible tool on your PC.

While all previous downloads should be available again, certain files could be missing due to problems in the automatic conversion. If you notice missing files, please let us know by adding a comment below this post.