New firmwares added

After not spending much time on patching for quite a while, here’s another bunch of firmwares that have been added. The following files were made available:

  • NEC ND-4550A firmware 1.84
  • Optiarc AD-5970H firmware 3APH and 3APHb
  • Optiarc AD-7201S firmware 1H0B
  • Optiarc AD-7203S firmware 1.B0
  • Optiarc AD-7230S firmware 1.83
  • Optiarc AD-7250S firmware 1.D3
  • Optiarc AD-7590A firmware 1.V1
  • Optiarc AD-7740H firmware A842
  • Optiarc AD-7760H firmware 1.50
  • LiteOn iHAS120X firmware FL01
  • LiteOn iHAS122W firmware PL02, PL06, PL07, PL08 PL09
  • LiteOn iHAS124W firmware HL04, HL05, HL08, HL0A and HL0F
  • LiteOn iHAS324W firmware HL12, HL16 and HL18

For all firmwares RPC1 and Auto-Reset firmwares are available, riplock patches were added for all slimline drive firmwares. Bitsetting patches are available for the ND-4550A, AD-7203S, AD-7250H, AD-7590A and AD-7740H firmwares.

The LiteOn firmwares require certain bootcodes to be present on the drive. Binflash will refuse flashing if the drive’s bootcode does not match the expected bootcode.