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Liggy's and Dee's modified NEC and Optiarc firmwares

Instructions for the NEC Bootcode Flasher

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Download Bootcode flasher

First of all you need to download a version of the bootcode flasher that matches your drive. It's also recommended to download the latest Binflash version and a regular firmware that will match your drive's new IDE configuration right now. You will need them both after changing the bootcode.

Unzip files

The file you downloaded is zipped, so you need to unzip it before usage.

Run Bootcode Flasher

Start the executable file by double clicking on it. After starting the executable, you will be presented with the drive selection screen. If your drive is not listed here, you will not be unable to change your drive.

Select your drive

Read starting message

After clicking the Flash button, you should see a message box indicating what bootcode you are going to flash. In order not to damage your drive, a check is made to not allow flashing an incompatible bootcode. Please note that we cannot ensure that your drive will be recognized by your system after changing it

Starting Message

Enter Authentication String (optional)

Non-public and Beta versions may be provided with an additional password. You should have received this password along with the program itself. Confirm this password by clicking on OK

Enter Authentication String

Site Authentication

Now you will be presented with a link to our site where you will receive a passcode specific to your drive. Paste the given value to the passcode box and confirm with the OK button.

Enter Authentication String

Last warning

You have now entered all the information that is needed to proceed flashing your drive. If you are not 100% sure that you are doing the right thing say No. Feel free to have a look at the NEC Forum first.

Last Warning

Flashing Finished

If you clicked the Yes button on the previous screen, your drive's bootcode will be updated. It may take a minute - maybe even longer - until the program is able to proceed.

The LED on your drive should be blinking now. Since access to your drives within Windows often becomes unstable at this point, it is highly recommended to reboot your PC now. This way you can also see if the drive is still recognized by your hardware.

Finished Successfully

Update main firmware

In order to safely update your drive's bootcode, the main firmware has to be erased first. This firmware now has to be flashed on your drive. The easiest way to achieve this, should be downloading an appropriate firmware and using the GUI version of Binflash and follow the usage instructions. Do not use a Binflash version older than 1.30 as these cannot determine correctly whether you are flashing a firmware matching your new bootcode or not.

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