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Liggy's and Dee's modified NEC and Optiarc firmwares

Everything about NEC ND6650A firmwares

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The slimline drive NEC ND6650A was released by NEC in July 2005. Click here for detailed specifications of the NEC ND6650A.

The following firmwares are available for download here:

Firmware version Download
NEC ND-6650A Firmware 2.43 Download
NEC ND-6650A Firmware 1.43 Download
NEC ND-6650A OEM firmware 1.N0 Download
NEC ND-6650A OEM firmware 2.N0 Download
ND6650 firmware K052 Download
ND6650 OEM firmware 1.5A Download
Dell 203d OEM firmware Download
Dell 103d OEM firmware Download
ND6650 firmware K034 Download
Dell 203c OEM firmware Download
Dell 103c OEM firmware Download
Original 1.62 Firmware Download
Original 2.62 Firmware Download
Dell 202c OEM firmware Download
Dell 102c OEM firmware Download
Fujitsu Siemens 2.42 OEM Firmware Download
Fujitsu Siemens 1.42 OEM Firmware Download

Overview on the used writing strategies

Do NOT try to crossflash between 1.** and 2.** firmwares by using Binflash. This is very likely to DAMAGE your drive or make it INACCESSIBLE!

If you need to exchange master to slave on your NEC ND6650A drive, you should try the NEC Bootcode flasher. There is a NEC ND6650A Master bootcode flasher and a NEC ND6650A Slave bootcode flasher

If you prefer the original DOS software from NEC, you should use the NEC ND6650A Reverse ATA firmware package but be sure to follow the instructions:

  • It it highly recommended to use a slimline to IDE adapter and a desktop PC for this procedure instead of leaving the drive in your notebook. You might be unable to complete this procedure if the drive is still installed in your laptop. The drive has to be attached to the secondary IDE channel, you will probably get an error message on the primary channel.
  • Boot into plain DOS. A command prompt from within Windows does NOT work.
  • Execute the file 6650BOOT.BAT
  • Reboot your PC. The drive should now be recognized as a slave device
  • Execute the file 6650MAIN.BAT to flash the main firmware

If you want to revert your drive from slave back to master again, you can do so by using the NEC ND6650A Normal ATA firmware package and following the instructions above - you just have to exchange master with slave and vice versa.

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