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Liggy's and Dee's modified NEC and Optiarc firmwares

Everything about Optiarc AD7700S and AD7703S firmwares

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The DVD Burner Optiarc AD-7700S is a slimline drive. The Optiarc AD7703 burner adds support for Labelflash but both drives share the same hardware and only differ in firmware. However you should not try to simply flash an Optiarc 7703S firmware on an Optiarc 7700S drive or vice versa. This will NOT work.

The following firmwares are available for download here:

Firmware version Download
Optiarc AD-7700H Firmware 100A Download
Optiarc AD-7703S Firmware 1.T0 Download
Optiarc AD-7701H Firmware 2.85 Download
Optiarc AD-7700H Firmware 1.V0 Download
Optiarc AD-7700H Firmware 1.FA Download
Optiarc AD-7703S Firmware 1.03 Download
Optiarc AD-7700S Firmware 1.71 Download
Optiarc AD-7700S Firmware 1.03 Download

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