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Liggy's and Dee's modified NEC and Optiarc firmwares

The creators of this site

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I started working on NEC firmwares in April 2004 with modifying a patcher that Herrie used for changing NEC 1x00 firmwares. At the beginning I only made the existing patcher work with 2500 drives, but soon I decided to do a complete rewrite of this tool. It's capable of manipulating firmwares for all currently available NEC drives.

When Herrie asked me if I could help him modifying DVRFlash to make it work with NEC drives, I agreed to help him and resulted in a complete rewrite too. The resulting program was first called Uniflash, but due to a name collision it was soon renamed to Binflash.

Once I also started looking at the disassembled firmwares. At first I didn't understand anything, but I soon got used to reading some parts of this firmware and I partly understood how things work - and how to patch them. With some preparation I once did, Bitsetting patches for the latest drives only need about half an hour or an hour now.

I also take care of CD Freaks' servers every now and then and try to let the site run as smooth as possible. At the moment I am using a NEC ND4551A drive for burning my discs. A big thanks to the donator.


I started patching firmwares on the ND-3500 drive around sept 2004. I received Liggy's patching tools and started from there. I don't really know a great deal about programming, in fact very little. Most of what i've learned is from Liggy. I have a good knowledge of the drives and media. And i hope i have a feel for what will work with a strategy swap and what wont.

Other duties around CD Freaks include moderating the NEC forum and Living Room. More recently i joined the review team and have a few reviews published

I will add more to this "about" soon

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